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The Sägewerk Festival is entering its third round and will take place this year from June 14-16, 2024. We will once again be able to let off some steam at the former Cottbus-Drewitz airfield in Brandenburg and realize our ideas there.

We will bring you a big variety of sounds on our 4 floors, so be ready not only for our unique khisdapaze signature sound but for a selected diversity of the hottest sounds of the season. We are sure everyone will find something they love. There will also be more live acts involved than ever before. So you have every right to get excited, trust us! Apart from the music program, of course there will be plenty of crazy shenanigans happening all over the festival again. As well as there will be many little spaces and places to be discovered too. Drinks you’ll get for a favorable price at one of the bars and the selection of foods will be broadened a lot.

Short, brief, true. We are looking forward to see you <3
Yours truly khisdapaze-ravesquad!


All tickets for the Sägewerk Festival are sold out! You guys are absolute legends! We can’t wait to make this festival one for the books. If you still need a car or camper ticket, you can buy them via "TICKET AREA". There are also tickets left for busrides to Sägewerk Festival. You can find all the necessary information in the "ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE" section.

We’ve set up a telegram group for those who are still looking for a festival ticket or want to sell one. You can find the group via "TICKETBÖRSE"

Ticketphase 1
Ticketphase 2
Ticketphase 3
khisdapaze e.V.

We are organizing parties for the love of it and not for profits! All takings will go into this festival and future events.

(+10€ Trash deposit)

Line Up

Almost Famous / Analover / asacollect / Automatic Amore live / baby of the bunch live / Bamela Paywatch / Bipolar Soundsystem / Carl Hang / Carlo Karacho live / carls8erg live / Cattoni / Chiara Allnutt / Christa K b2b groovyjuri / Die Anstalt live / Dirty Clits / Discotiere / DJ Eivissa / DJ Forever / DJ Kite / DJ Klinke / DJ Legeres & Ilja Gabler / DJ Marcello / DJ Semisecco / DJ SPORTSCHUH b2b Cityroller / DJ Sweethard / DJBOUNTY3000 / Dobel / Dynamic Experience / elvito / Faroul live / fbi / Femdelic / FRÆNZ b2b limbic sis / Frietsch b2b Tom Alan / Gigi Blow Cooperation live / Habibinetti / Heiko & the funky 4 live / Illegale Ravemesse mit Andy Strauß live / Inú-Mae / Jacky Ickx b2b Krash Cora / jojogigirl / Josiane b2b Lena Brecht / Keex b2b pschukk / Laturius / LC Warnsignal / limowimo / Lorenza Laserstein / M1M1 Miami / Magdita / Melo Mano / Michael René Sell & Anna Marie Schepansky live / MOMSON / Monàte b2b let's görk / moritzsebastianschwarz / Nagelstudio / Nail on the Hat / Nanno / Necios / NEVENA live / Pan Jotel b2b Dannic / Pavelo Promillo b2b Giorgio Inkasso / PHARAØUK / Pizza 3 Euro live / Radio Popadio / REMOTE BONDAGE live / Repthiloid / SACID / Sambaké / Sauna Solveig / Schnallo live / SchrippenTonis Wafflehouse live / sin serif / Smau b2b WallRa / SPARLIGHT EXPRESS live / tamarawrx3 / The real Cheesus / Torn Palk live / Trainerchen & Brego / Traurige Liebeslieder mit Albi / Triqi / VibeDispensary live / Vince Vanilla / VORSICHT KINDER live / Weinbrand / Westhafen live / Zero Discount live / $ONO$ CLIQ live / 0megavybe

More tba


Wow, we're blown away by the massive response to our call for supporters for the Sägewerk Festival! Your enthusiasm is just awesome.


Thanks to all your sign-ups, we now have enough people to make the festival shine brightly. So, it's time to announce: we don't need more helpers!


A huge thank you to everyone who reached out. You guys are absolute legends! We can't wait to rock out with you and make this festival one for the books.


The application link is now offline - but for those who signed up: Stay tuned for further updates!

Arrival and departure

The exact address of the Cottbus-Drewitz airfield is Flugplatzstr. 1, 03197 Jänschwalde (coordinates: 51.884123571199325, 14.532970037272362). The site is easy to reach by train, bus, bicycle or car. You are welcome to arrive from Thursday, 13.06.24, from 16:00.


The nearest train station, Jänschwalde Ost, is just 1.5 km from the festival site. It is therefore a good idea to travel by train. It takes just under two hours from Berlin. If the walk from the station to the festival site (approx. 20-30 minutes) is too far, it’s best to bring a bike. Alternatively, we are currently working on offering a shuttle service. Information will follow soon.


We have created the attached Telegram group for all sports enthusiasts among you who would like to cycle to Sägewerk:

Goto group


If you decide to come with a motorized vehicle, please make sure you buy the appropriate ticket. You can find them in our ticket portal. Please form carpools, because cars with empty seats are not nice.

If you want to sleep in your car/camper, please buy a "camper ticket". Vehicles with such a ticket may not be parked on the meadow itself, but directly next to it. This still allows you to form a camp together with your camping friends.

For "normal" cars, there will be a designated parking lot near the camping meadow. Please buy the "car ticket" if you do not want to sleep in your vehicle.


This year there will also be the opportunity to jet from Berlin to Sägewerk and back by bus. There will be two trips from Bahnhof Zoo to the festival site on Friday and two trips back on Sunday. Departure times on both days will be at 12:00 and 18:00. The price per trip is 25€. So 50€ back and forth.

Sounds good and you want to be there? Then you need to do the following now:

  • Send the total amount via PayPal to the following account:
  • Please select “transfer to friends and family” option. Don't forget, otherwise, fees may apply!
  • Enter your first, last name and cell phone number as a message in the PayPal transfer so that we can assign the payment and add you to a Telegram group. In addition, please write which ride you prefer and whether you would also agree to a different departure time on that day.
  • If you would also like to pay for other people, please list the amount and the required information for all persons accordingly.

After receiving the payment, you will be added to a Telegram group where all further information will follow and questions will be clarified. If all places are already taken at the time of transfer, your money will be refunded immediately and you will not be added to the group. We look forward to bouncy rides with you!

Further Information


A large campground where you can set up camp will be located just a few meters from the festival site. Please treat the site with care. If you return a full garbage bag at the end of the festival, you will receive your €10 trash deposit back in cash.


We are also just guests on the site. Therefore, please only throw away garbage in the garbage bags and do pee-pee only in the toilets. Open fires are prohibited. The entire festival area will be fenced in and it is strictly forbidden to enter other parts of the airfield. Please stay exclusively in the area made available to us.


We want a festival where everyone feels comfortable and safe. Please take care of yourselves and those around you. Taking boundaries seriously and respecting them is the basis for this. There will be an awareness team present on site. Feel free to talk to them anytime. They will be clearly recognized by a vest. Sexualized, racist, queer-hostile or other inhumane attacks will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted.


If you still have questions, please contact us by email at for general topics. For all matters related to your ticket, please contact us via Otherwise, you will receive further information via our social media channels and on our website.